Great Deals this week!

I really screwed up and erased all of my info before I posted it here, so you're going to have to check my other blog! Sorry! And I may start to put this blog on hold and concentrate on the Idaho Press blog!
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(NOTE: If you plan to buy more that the limit allows, please contact Jason MacFarlane at the Greenhurst Walgreens @ 318-0536 with your "special order" by Tuesday morning. Your order will be in by Thursday.)

EasySaver Promotions:(
mail in rebate(MIR): really simple- buy it, come home and enter it @ www.walgreens.com, and at the end of the month...actually PLUS 2 weeks later,you'll have a check in your hands!)

Register Rewards:(the skinny little catalina that prints out from a little machine right next to the receipt machine, that you can use on future purchases.NEVER try and use one R.R.to buy another item with a R.R.-they will NOT print! )

Free ALL month long:
  1. Axe Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers(2.64-12 oz.) up to $6.99 =FREE after Easy Saver Rebate (I plan to wait until we get a manufacturer coupon)
  2. Memory Formula (45 soft gels) up to $19.99= FREE after Easy Saver Rebate
  3. Walgreen's Extra Strength Quick Gels (20pack) up to $2.99 = FREE after Easy Saver Rebate

Great Deals this Week:

Rite Aid:

(note: Rite Aid has a rewards card that you can sign up for.. for free, you can receive 10% off of Rite Aid brand products everyday. Also,on Tuesdays you can receive an EXTRA 10% off of your entire order!)

-$5.00/$25.00 purchase through 3-31 at this link

Free ALL month long

  1. SnoreStop Extinguisher (.4 oz) $12.99 -$12.99 Single Check Rebate = FREE
  2. Soothe eye drops (15 ml) $ 7.49- $7.49 Single Check Rebate = FREE
  3. Novitra (.25 oz) $7.99- $7.99 Single Check Rebate = FREE -$3.00 printable link =-3.00
  4. Sinus Buster or Allergy Buster (20 ml) $8.99- $8.99 Single Check Rebate = FREE
  5. Ocean Complete nasal rinse (6 oz) $8.99 - $8.99 Single Check Rebate = FREE

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